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The Adventures of Bailey Boots #9: Adventures in PhotoShop

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Bailey Boots is a curious girl. She tries new things every day.


Today, Bailey Boots is curious about computers!


But you know, Bailey Boots, there are a lot of things to discover on a computer. What do you want to explore today?


“Ohh, ohh art!” says Bailey Boots.


Ah! How about Photoshop? It’s a program a lot of artists use to make pretty pictures.

“YES! That sounds perfect!” says Bailey Boots. “What can you do with Photoshop?”


Well, you can solarize. That’s turning a picture stark black and white.


Or color balance. You can make a picture TOTALLY pink! Isn’t it cuuuute?


You can do blue with red…


… or red with blue!


Or just totally red!








But it’s not all colors. You can also go all fuzzy!



Or 3-D!



Or — wait — even POLKA DOTS!”


You can even bend your art all over!



Bendy, bendy BENDY!

“I’m gonna throw UUUUUP!”


Ooh — ooh — or all blacky or browny or–



What? Don’t you want to know more about Photoshop?

“I think… that’s enough adventure for tod–“





“Wasn’t Moo yellow before?”


Isn’t he?






Happy Bailey Boots!

BaileyComputer49 Happy Happy!

The Adventures of Bailey Boots #8: Nothing Moo Here

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Bailey Boots is a curious girl. She tr–

Wait. Where is Bailey Boots?



… uh… says Bailey Boots? Silly B–

“I won’t come out! You can’t make me!”

But… Bailey Boots. Don’t you want an adventure?



But… why not?

“It’s scary.”


Please come out.


Okay, okay. If I promise no more cows, will you come out?


“No more cows?”

No more cows.


Cross my heart.


“Oh… okay. As long as there’s no more cows.”

… says Bailey Boots?

“Don’t push it.”


Okay! We’re back in business!


Bailey Boots is a curious girl. She tries new things every d–



… what now?


“Where’s Moo?”



“Yeah. He’s supposed to be on my shoulder now, remember?”

You… never really had Moo. You know that, right? Moo was a charac–


“No Moo, no me.”

Bailey Boo–


“Get Moo back, then we’ll talk Miss Big Writer Lady.”

Bailey, be reasonable.

“Moo first!”




Sigh. Fine. I’ll be back later.


“You’d better be. You’d. Better. Be.”

Bailey Boots #5

Update on “Rise of the Nefarious Numbots”

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Well, I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news is: “Dr. Fixit’s Malicious Machine” — now published through Second Wind Publishing LLC (YAY!) — will be available at Spocon, as will “The Counterfeit Zombies of Noc”, both with updated covers (pictured below). Of course I will also be there in person to sign, talk, and teach!

Now for the bad news.

“Rise of the Nefarious Numbots” will not be available at Spocon this year after all. This was a difficult decision, but in the end I chose to ensure a quality story for my readers rather than rushing the story so it will be out quickly. I plan on having “Numbots” available in a small scale in September, at Glamirita Clothing and Accessories in the Garland District in Spokane. It will also be available to order online for one day only as an Amazon title, before switching over to Second Wind Publishing for national release. I will let you all know when that will be as soon as I am able.

Thank you all for your patience. I promise it will be worth it! 

Tipani Walker and the Nightmare Club

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HawkHill flying tall and proud,
HummStreet unseen among the crowd,
BriarRaven lost within her shroud.
Pull the veil, tear the seam,
and walk where wakers only dream.

Introducting Tipani Alice, MaerWalker!

Posted in Books, kidlit with tags , , , on January 26, 2014 by Jessica Crichton

I have begun a new series. I could go on and on with what it’s all about, but I think we’d both rather just get on with the story. So, here’s an introduction. Let me know what you think! ~JR

Tipani Alice Walker had a huge head.

You wouldn’t be able to tell this by just looking at her, of course. On the outside, hers was just about the same as all the other ten-year-old skulls around her, bobbing and weaving, nodding and yapping around. On the inside, though, it was colossal. Tipani’s head was so big, in fact, that it held all manner of things, from the zeppelin-soar of a crisp autumn leaf on September wind, to candy corn universes painted in sticky fudge and sugar-spun stars. Tipani didn’t live in the world of school, and chores, and other humdrum muck adults thought was important.

Tipani lived in the vast, wild kid-ness of her mind.

This wasn’t always a good thing to those around her. Her mother would often have to say her name many times to get her attention, and her older sister Amanda couldn’t make heads or tails of anything she said.

“Tipani, did you take all the peanut butter?” Amanda would ask when she found the jar empty for the third time that month.

To which Tipani would answer, “no, it was the Gluffdruff from the tree outside. He likes peanut butter.”

In fact, the Gluffdruff always wanted peanut butter, and Tipani was always happy to provide it. After all, what was the point of having a guffdruff in one’s tree if you didn’t feed it regularly?

The very worst one for understanding Tipani, though, was Bob. Bob wasn’t Tipani’s dad, but he wanted her to call him that anyway. He was married to her mom, which he figured made him her dad. But Bob was the grumpiest of grumpy adults, and Tipani felt there was no way he would really be her dad for that reason. He didn’t understand the Gluffdruff any more than Amanda did. Nor did he understand the poopy twins in the toilet, the boy in the mirror, or the ghost girl in the attic, even though he heard her all the time. Tipani knew this, because he always complained about the thumping and bumping around she did.

He blamed it on rats.

Tipani thought Bob had lost his thoughts somewhere and that’s what made him so grumpy. Mom and Amanda never saw what Tipani saw, but sometimes they would hear what she heard, when they were very quiet and listened very hard. But Bob never even tried. All he cared about was money and bills and beer. If Tipani tried to talk to him at all, he would call her names, and tell her she belonged in a crazy loony bin, with a straight jacket in a padded room.

Tipani thought that might be fun, but not for forever.

So she mostly avoided Bob, and he mostly avoided her, and that was good.

Along with seeing things nobody else saw, Tipani also noticed things nobody else noticed. Like how she could always tell what was inside her Valentine’s Day chocolates. Amanda had to poke and jab the gooey brown lumps to see if they held something she wanted to put in her mouth, while somehow, Tipani always just knew whether they were smooth caramel or nasty fake-coconut-sludge.

She always gave the coconut ones to the mean girls in her class.

Not that Tipani herself had much issue with the kids at school. Even the meanest of them pretty much left her alone. This wasn’t because she was particularly strong or mean. In fact, Tipani was one of the nicest kids in her 4th grade class. But she never paid any attention to their bulling words, even when they called her “leatherface” and “tipsy-tard”. There were, after all, so many more interesting things to notice at school.

Like the angel ghost-statue in the yard next to the playground who spoke to her of life in the 1880’s.

But Tipani did notice when the mean kids were cruel to others. Every faerie in her ear, every wind-wraith in her hair, every shoulder-dragon she stroked noticed these things, so it was only natural that she did, too.

That’s why the mean girls always got coconut sludge.

But the enormous world inside Tipani’s head was never so vivid, vibrant, and dangerous as it was at night, when her body was fast asleep.

News from Nil – A Free E-Book, Book 2 Release, and More! (October 2013)

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Hi everyone!

It’s been a pretty hectic time here at Gothic Gables, with Fall coming on fast, my kids working on their Halloween costumes, grad school graduation (is that redundant?), beginning my teaching at the local tech college, a major tutoring rush, my husband getting a new job, planning our second annual Gothic Gables Masquerade Ball for Halloween,  and all-around crazy awesomeness.

Oh yeah, and that whole Zombies release thing. That took a BIT of my time and stress…

A bit…

BUT, things are finally beginning to settle a bit, and I have some time to write a full-on blog post about all the Guts and Glory stuff that’s been happening!

TZONFrontFirst, as I mentioned above, the release of The Counterfeit Zombies of Noc kicked off a few days ago! WOOOHOOO! I think I may have dropped the ball a bit on promotion, though. I’m still learning how to do all this promoting stuff, since what I really want to do is… you know… write. But it’s okay, since I’ll be talking about it for the next millennium anyway I’m sure.

So here’s the deal: you can order a paperback at Amazon for $10 (at the time of this blog, the sales price is $9.50), order a Kindle E-Book for $2, or, if you’re not sure, Download the first three chapters as a PDF for free!

Zombies is a little shorter than Dr. Fixit, and, being from Glory’s point of view, more of the action is internal than physical this time around. It’s just a creepy as you’d expect a zombie book to be, while at the same time  it avoids being too scary for kids. For parents concerned about zombies, remember the title — The Counterfeit Zombies of Noc. (Psst — that means they’re not real zombies. ;-)) And despite being shorter than Dr. Fixit, Zombies reveals some pretty major things about the history of Nil and just who the Kids really are.  I truly hope you and your children enjoy the story, and as always, let me know what you think!


Second, a little news about Dr. Fixit’s Malicious Machine as well! To begin, I’ll reiterate that you don’t want to read Zombies without reading Dr. Fixit first. While Zombies can stand alone, it’ll be far more enjoyable if you’ve already visited Nil. Trust me on this one. 😉 And to that end, I’ve decided to release Dr. Fixit as a free Kindle E-Book for just two days, beginning at midnight on October 17th, and ending at midnight on October 19th, 2013. Click here to download your free copy during those days, and please feel totally free to share the poo out of the link too!

I haven’t heard back from the super-uber-awesome agency about Dr. Fixit yet, but I am assured that there will be some news this week. I’m a little nervous about that, but I’ll be okay, as long as I don’t eat anything until Saturday… you don’t puke if you don’t eat, right?


I have begun work on Rise of the Abysmal Numbots, the grand finale of “Guts and Glory”. It is scheduled to be out in early April 2014. Watch for it!

Lastly, I’ve been approached by some of my mag readers about the possibility of a spinoff series about Books, once “Guts and Glory” is finished. His adventures in Nil, with Turtle and Gadget and such. What do you think? If enough readers are interested, I may think about that possibility — maybe even as a web series?

Okay, that’s enough for now. I’ll be back soon!


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