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Band new update! Here’s what’s been going on here at Gothic Gables in the new year:

First, since I last updated I have FINALLY earned my master’s in literature and writing. Can I get a YESSSS?


*Happy dance commences*

I also earned a place at ITT Tech as a composition instructor, which is nice. Still, I’ve been scouring the Community Colleges of Spokane jobs board for a few months now (yes, even before I earned my degree; I’m a self-starter, what can I say?) I can’t explain why, but I just really feel like I belong there. Maybe it’s because I grew up in Spokane. I just want to teach there badly. So… happy thoughts my way there, please? 🙂

In writing news,which I’m sure is really why you’re here, I have some whoppers to tell you about!

First, The Counterfeit Zombies of Noc has officially been out for a little over two months now. It is available here, in case you haven’t had a chance to get your copy (or copies) yet. 😉 And of course book 1 in the “Guts and Glory” series, Dr. Fixit’s Malicious Machine is still available to buy and love here. Book three, Rise of the Nefarious Numbots, will be out next year, though the exact release date is pending, because…
Dr. Fixit’s Malicious Machine is going INTERNATIONAL!

That’s right, Book 1 of “Guts and Glory” is going to be TRANSLATED! *BIIIG happy dance!* Nakladatelstvi SUN in the Czech Republic has contracted with Spriggain Press to translate Dr. Fixit’s Malicious Machine into Czech for all their young Czech readers! Check (heh) back here regularly for updates on this development, including brand new cover art!

Lastly but FAR from leastly, (hey, I’m a master writer now — I can make up words if I want) I’m starting on a brand new series! “Tipani, MaerWalker” is an urban fantasy dreamscape series for middle grade readers. For a short taste, click here, and check back regularly for updates on this new series!

That’s all for now. I’ll be talking to you again soon!



Hi everyone!

It’s been a pretty hectic time here at Gothic Gables, with Fall coming on fast, my kids working on their Halloween costumes, grad school graduation (is that redundant?), beginning my teaching at the local tech college, a major tutoring rush, my husband getting a new job, planning our second annual Gothic Gables Masquerade Ball for Halloween, and all-around crazy awesomeness.

Oh yeah, and that whole Zombies release thing. That took a BIT of my time and stress…

A bit…

BUT, things are finally beginning to settle a bit, and I have some time to write a full-on blog post about all the Guts and Glory stuff that’s been happening!

TZONFrontFirst, as I mentioned above, the release of The Counterfeit Zombies of Noc kicked off a few days ago! WOOOHOOO! I think I may have dropped the ball a bit on promotion, though. I’m still learning how to do all this promoting stuff, since what I really want to do is… you know… write. But it’s okay, since I’ll be talking about it for the next millennium anyway I’m sure.

So here’s the deal: you can order a paperback at Amazon for $10 (at the time of this blog, the sales price is $9.50), order a Kindle E-Book for $2, or, if you’re not sure, Download the first three chapters as a PDF for free!

Zombies is a little shorter than Dr. Fixit, and, being from Glory’s point of view, more of the action is internal than physical this time around. It’s just a creepy as you’d expect a zombie book to be, while at the same time it avoids being too scary for kids. For parents concerned about zombies, remember the title — The Counterfeit Zombies of Noc. (Psst — that means they’re not real zombies. ;-)) And despite being shorter than Dr. Fixit, Zombies reveals some pretty major things about the history of Nil and just who the Kids really are. I truly hope you and your children enjoy the story, and as always, let me know what you think!


Second, a little news about Dr. Fixit’s Malicious Machine as well! To begin, I’ll reiterate that you don’t want to read Zombies without reading Dr. Fixit first. While Zombies can stand alone, it’ll be far more enjoyable if you’ve already visited Nil. Trust me on this one. 😉 And to that end, I’ve decided to release Dr. Fixit as a free Kindle E-Book for just two days, beginning at midnight on October 17th, and ending at midnight on October 19th, 2013. Click here to download your free copy during those days, and please feel totally free to share the poo out of the link too!

I haven’t heard back from the super-uber-awesome agency about Dr. Fixit yet, but I am assured that there will be some news this week. I’m a little nervous about that, but I’ll be okay, as long as I don’t eat anything until Saturday… you don’t puke if you don’t eat, right?


I have begun work on Rise of the Abysmal Numbots, the grand finale of “Guts and Glory”. It is scheduled to be out in early April 2014. Watch for it!

Lastly, I’ve been approached by some of my mag readers about the possibility of a spinoff series about Books, once “Guts and Glory” is finished. His adventures in Nil, with Turtle and Gadget and such. What do you think? If enough readers are interested, I may think about that possibility — maybe even as a web series?

Okay, that’s enough for now. I’ll be back soon!



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