Keep asthma at bay

Asthma is a disease that requires special care, but you can help your children enjoy the game, the fun times and have a better quality of life. In Life and Health we invite you to recognize the disease, to act promptly and to have fun with your children.

When you are small and you are diagnosed with asthma you can feel that your hours of going to the park, of play and of sports practices have come to an end. In the United States, asthma is the main cause of children missing school.

Asthma occurs when there is difficulty breathing due to inflammation and narrowing of the airways, specifically the bronchi. In some cases some children are sensitive to some stimuli from the environment and their body overreacts by causing their bronchi to swell and contract. For this reason it is difficult for them to breathe. You can watch for some of the main symptoms:

  • Sensation of tightness in the chest
  • Shortness of breath
  • Whistling when breathing (especially when exhaling)
  • Cough

It is not known exactly what causes asthma and no cure has been found. It is known that there are genetic factors that increase the predisposition that the person develops asthma, that is why it is often seen in several members of a family, and environmental factors such as pollution have a great influence as well.

The way in which the child’s immune system reacts to pollen, mold, dust mites, and pet dander, among other stimuli, will determine what triggers the asthma symptoms in him. They can be one or more allergens (the substance to which you are allergic). And the reaction can be mild, moderate or severe. Also changes in climate or temperature, being in places with cold air currents, contaminated air in large cities and even doing some type of physical activity can trigger the symptoms of asthma. Fortunately, the reality of children with asthma can be very different if they have the proper care. You can help them live better.

Each case of asthma is different. It is best to prevent attacks. For this reason it is necessary that you resort to your doctor so that you can count on professional help. He or she can recommend the use of inhalers. Your doctor will teach you how, when and in what way you should use it. For example: there are two kinds of inhalers. Those who control inflammation should be used long-term even if asthma symptoms do not appear and the child feels well. On the other hand, there are inhalers that bronco-dilate which are those that combat the symptoms of acute attack but that are not recommended for daily use for a long time. There are also medicines taken and injected. Your doctor will design the best plan of action for your child. Just follow it to the letter. The last thing you want is for me to enter an emergency situation that may even be dangerous. In most cases it can be prevented and controlled.

You can also help your children live in a friendlier environment if they suffer from allergies.

  • Keep your house free of dust; Check it periodically at least once a week.
  • It is preferable to live in spaces without carpets.
  • Choose curtains and blinds that are washable.
  • Periodically change the pillowcases, the sheets, the mattress protectors and all those elements with which your children have direct and permanent contact.
  • Avoid cold air currents in your home and keep humidity levels low.
  • If your children are allergic to pet dander, if possible, do not have pets in your home or ask your doctor which is the best.

Your doctor can suggest other specific alternatives that help your child control asthma. The exercise is great in general, and if you want, you can take it to learn yoga exercises that improve breathing and relaxation techniques, which are especially useful to help relieve stress and tension if this is a contributing factor in the start of your attacks. In most cases, adequate treatment achieves symptom control.

A healthy lifestyle (ideally of the whole family) will also help to improve the quality of life of your child. Obesity can make asthma symptoms worse. Maintain an exercise regimen appropriate to your child’s needs. If you have asthma under control, your child can enjoy physical activity. Remember that cigarette smoke is another element that can trigger the symptoms of asthma. However, regardless of whether your children suffer from asthma or not it is important that you commit to maintaining a healthy environment free of cigarette smoke. This is good for your own health and that of your whole family.

Do not let asthma keep your kids away from the fun. Stay alert to alert situations, reduce risk factors and enjoy the game and fun with your children.

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