Do you need glasses? And your sons?

The American Vision Council recommends that we all, parents and children, periodically have an eye exam. There are several signs that suggest that you or your child should visit a visual health professional to examine their vision and their overall visual health. Some of them are:

  • Blurry vision
  • Poor night vision
  • ” Flying flies ” in vision
  • Difficulty reading
  • Eye strain, visual fatigue
  • Lack of visual acuity, even in broad daylight
  • Increase in the frequency or intensity of headaches

The two most common problems are myopia and hyperopia .

Myopia  or far vision is the vision that is limited to short distances. This causes objects to be clearly seen when they are close and to appear blurred when they are far away.

Hyperopia  (also called hyperopia or far vision) is vision that is limited to long distances. This causes objects to be clearly seen when they are far away and appear blurred when they are close.

Make sure you take your child to see a visual health professional if you notice that:

  • You sit too close to the TV
  • Hold objects very close to your face
  • He has difficulty seeing the blackboard at school

If your child really needs glasses, a good option to take into account are the photochromic lenses, which in the presence of ultraviolet light change from light to dark. These glasses are an advantage in that they automatically provide 100% protection from harmful UV rays and your child does not have to remember to load a second pair of dark glasses and change them when going out to play. In addition, they can contribute to increase your predisposition to wear your glasses. Children love the idea of ​​wearing glasses with “magic” lenses that darken with the sun. And the adults … too!

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