About “The Elementals”

Ellen, Mae, Kat, Quinn and Rose aren’t your average, everyday siblings. In fact, they are all that’s keeping mankind from total destruction.

No pressure.

But they have their powers for protection, each-other for support, and their good elven friend Romin for guidance, so that when Adams the evil sorcerer needs his butt kicked, they’re on the job!

And he needs his butt kicked a lot.

Join Ellen the sylph, Mae the dragon, Kat the mermaid, Quinn the dwarf, and Rose the elf, as they battle Adams’ monstrous newmen soldiers in an epic fantasy world full of lava lakes, floating mountains, undersea cities, deep caverns and magical forests, in “The Elementals” by Morgan Marshall!


Book 1: Song of Spirit

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Ellen, Mae, Kat, Quinn and Rose are five very normal, very bored siblings with nothing to do when Romin the elf first visits them with the insane news that they are needed to save the world. Of course as modern kids they’re skeptical, but since there’s nothing else to do — and hey, he is an elf — they agree to follow him to his own world. After all, anything is better than boredom.

But things soon go completely mental as the siblings find out that they have powers they never knew existed: faerie magic reaching far back into the hazy beginnings of human history when Adams the evil sorcerer first tried to wipe out mankind. In the face of this great threat, the humans and fae got together and created The Elementals — half human and half faerie warriors with the powers earth, air, fire and water — to defeat him. And defeat him they did, banishing the sorcerer to the darkness of The Great Empty for his crimes.

Now Adams is plotting a new demise for his fellow humans, and as the direct descendants of the original Elementals, it’s up to the siblings to save the day. Will they uncover the secret of the fifth Elemental before it’s too late, or will Adams turn their powers against them to destroy mankind forever?

Book 2: Weave of Water

More information coming soon!

Book 3: Pyre of Fire

More information coming soon!

Book 4: Essence of Earth

More information coming soon!

Book 5: Stair of Air

More information coming soon!


(Lesser characters are in alphabetical order after main characters.)

Ellen Lefam:

Eldest of the Elemental siblings at thirteen years old (in Book 1). Elemental of Air, Mistress of the Skies, Wielder of the Shrieking Winds. Somewhat neurotic, bossy and high-strung. Fiercely loyal. Very hard on herself. She carries within her human blood that of the sylph.

Kathleen (Kat) Lefam

Middle of the Elemental siblings at nine years old. Elemental of Water, Princess of the Muses, Holder of the Sacred Whistle. Quiet, shy, girly and easily frightened, she carries within her human blood that of the merfolk.

Mae Lefam

Second eldest of the Elemental siblings at twelve years old (in Book 1). Elemental of Fire, Sorceress of Alchemy, wielder of the great fire sword Athenal. Somewhat egotistical, very sarcastic and brilliant. She carries within her human blood that of the dragon.

Quinn Lefam

Second youngest of the Elemental siblings at six years old (in Book 1). Elemental of Earth, Son of Valor, Wielder of the legendary broadsword Ulfgin and battleaxe Wroargar. Hyper, excitable, and impulsive. He carries within his human blood that of the dwarf.

Rose Lefam

Youngest of the Elemental siblings at three years old (in Book 1). Elemental of Spirit, Enchantress of the Planes, Holder of the Light. She is also the most powerful of the Elementals. Happy, calm, somewhat mischievous and willful. She carries within her human blood that of the elf.

Adams: Evil sorcerer, immortal, imprisoned in The Great Empty. He was once human, but made himself immortal by accident while working with elemental magic. Wishes to destroy humanity for the sake of being human. Does not believe mankind has any true good within, and has embraced the evil inside himself.

Ahnslyn Thornhaven: Romin’s wife and elven Warrior-Teacher.

Atty: One of three Wise Women whom Ellen meets in Roc Mountain, Atty is the eldest and most pessimistic of the witch roommates.

BattleHammer: Dwarven AxeMaster given the task to train Quinn in earth powers and weaponry.

Brigde’: Air-Empress of the Aerie Plane. Fair-Minded but distant. Cares much for her plane but has not been a part of the others in any active way for a long time. Motherly to her Air-Born. In human lore, she is the Celtic warrior-goddess of air and light.

Chloe: One of three Wise Women whom Ellen meets in Roc Mountain, Chloe is the youngest and most optimistic of the witch roommates.

Dreadaxe: Hephaestus’ dwarven Minister of War, currently known as the greatest AxeMaster of all Earth-Born.

Flicker: A young phoenix, Fire-Born of the Pyre Plane. Great friend and comforter to Mae.

Great Queen, The: Ruler and creator of all Earth’s planes and creatures. Spirit-Empress of the Psyche Plane.

Grimhammer: Elderly dwarf warrior. Too feeble for battle yet retaining great honor from his days as a warrior, he now guards the secret entry to Hephaestus’ citadel.

Hephaestus: Earth-Lord of the underground Earth-Born dwellings on the Earthen Plane. Great blacksmith and warrior. Highly loyal to his people and their ways, especially the dwarves. In human lore, he is the Greek god of the forge.

Illthan Bogearth: Elderly dwarf KnowMaster. Charged with being Quinn’s personal KnowMaster.

Ithiss: Salamander of the Pyre Plane, servant to the dragon Wisen Arthem, twin brother to Sethiss.

Lacy: One of three Wise Women whom Ellen meets in Roc Mountain, Lacy is the middle and most realistic of the witch roommates.

Leerya: Selkie courtesan of Poseidon’s court at Atlantis. Kat’s teacher and mentor.

Peril Roma: Fire-Lord of the Pyre Plane. Great Sorcerer and First Wisen of the Fire-Born. Brilliant and studious. Somewhat absent-minded, but also haughty. In human lore, his surname means “first of the dragons”.

Poseidon: Water-Lord of the Aether Plane. Peace-loving, diplomatic, and wise. Open to all peaceful creatures. In human lore, he is the Greek god of the seas.

Romin Thornhaven: An elf with a very high rank in the Psyche Plane. He is also a Teacher among his people, has been the mentor to the latest Spirit Elemental since her human birth, and has been charged by The Great Queen with delivering The Elementals to their people for training.

Sethiss: Salamander Wisen of the Pyre Plane. Charged by Peril Roma to bring Mae to him, Sethiss becomes one of Mae’s greatest confidants. Twin brother to Ithiss.

Spark: Will-o-the-whisp of the Aerie Plane. Its real name is unpronounceable to most tongues.


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  1. […] Right now, only the paperback edition is available, but the Kindle edition will be available tomorrow (it’s currently in review). I’ll be buying some copies for promotional purposes (and for my kids, who are excited to have their book(s) finally published), soon. For now, you can buy your own copy, then come back and tell me what you think! For those of you who don’t want to just buy a book blindly (and I don’t blame you), you can find a synopsis of the story and more information here. […]

  2. Mae’s face is squished.

  3. […] Starting tonight at midnight, aka the first hour of August 9th, through Monday the 13th, you can download Song of Spirit for free on Kindle! Song of Spirit is a middle grade (ages 8-12) epic fantasy full of magic and adventure, and the first book of a new series your children will love! For more information, click here. […]

  4. […] of Spirit, book 1 of “The Elementals”, is now available for FREE on Kindle! This promotion will last five days only, in which you will be […]

  5. […] more information on the full series, click here. (Recommended for ages 8 and up.) Rate this:Share:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to […]

  6. Are all the characters white?

    • Actually, no. The main characters in this series are half white, half Latino, as they are based on my own children who are mixed. 🙂 In “Guts and Glory”, there are also a mix of races in the characters. One of my favorites is a little black girl named Turtle, who is the smartest character in the whole story. I don’t have a picture of her yet, though, as my illustrator is still working on the latest illustrations, but when I do she and some other newer characters will be on the “Guts and Glory” page. 🙂

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