Adventures in Book Promotion Day (kindaSorta) 2: Budgets!

Okay, so this isn’t the day after my last post. Remember what I said about not having a computer at home? These posts will not be daily until I do, sadly, but I will write one every day I am able!

So today I’m thinking about the budget for my big February push. I want to spend about $2500 on it altogether, and while that’s a big number for me, it’s pretty minuscule as far as promotion budgets go.  For that reason (and for the fact that my money tends to disappear without a trace whenever I get it), I have to be REALLY careful that everything I invest in will be effective in making my “Guts and Glory” trilogy a success.

That takes research.

  • I’ve already chosen my amazing artist, Jessica Douglas, for the covers. I won’t tell you the price we agreed on, but it’s definitely more than worth it!
  • I don’t know if I’ll be doing inside illustrations. I’d like to, but I’m still thinking on that one.
  • Business cards will be important, as I find myself talking about writing everywhere I go and having those babies to hand out would be gold.
  • I’m also spending some on Facebook promotion, despite the bad press it sometimes gets, because I have seen it in action when it works. (“Tipani” would have a lot fewer views on Wattpad if not for those!) I’m still researching the best way to go about that, and the amount of money to throw at it.
  • I’m also looking into promotion companies. These are the hardest to research, and will take the biggest chunk of my budget, so if you have any suggestions for those, I’d love to hear them! That will be a serious choice I really want to think about hard before I make it.

A few miscellaneous thoughts to add:

  • Can I do a boxed set? Should I? How would I go about that?
  • Can I release a limited edition hardback set? How would I go about that too?
  • Press releases and review copies: how do I do THAT as a self-published author of kidlit? Is it kosher for them to charge for these services? Who is real and who is a scammer? And which real ones will actually take self-published books?

Sooo many things to still think about that do! How do I prioritize? How do I make the most of my little budget? How do I not ROYALLY SCREW THIS UP?

*Deep, calming breaths.*

I CAN do this…


10 Responses to “Adventures in Book Promotion Day (kindaSorta) 2: Budgets!”

  1. Are you self publishing any of these are just working on a budget for promotion? We should talk.

    • Two of them are already self-published. They’re literally linked on my main page to Amazon. XD I’m planning on really pushing the trilogy when I’m finished with the third book.

      • Well I’m going to self publish my next book too. The “actual” publisher I have is not very professional and did a lot of stuff plain wrong. But I also have to hire an artist that I loathe to do, I’ve worked with artists before and it doesn’t usually go as smooth as I like. Can you contact me Jessica? narfellus69 at gmail dot com

      • I’ve had some small press misadventures myself. It’s a big clusterfudge for sure! In the order of what I’d rather do, from most to least: trade, self, and small. I’ll give Jessica your contact info as soon as I am able. 🙂

  2. Also, Press and Marketing, I have some ideas I want to tell you.

    • Yeah? Throw them at me!

      • If we can IM it would be easier than emailing.

      • I was just thinking it would be great if my readers could join us here. Spread the love and all that. 🙂 (Also, I can’t IM at work.)

      • Ok, well in that case, I’m looking at Dog Ear publishing to do my next book. They have different TIERS of packages, from fairly inexpensive to butt-hurting expensive. But, it’s the upper echelons where they dig into the Marketing and Promotion aspects, which is frankly the hardest part, getting people to know your book is out there. Plus, since I would be the full owner of the project, I have 100% say on how the book looks. Now, I need to provide artwork ahead of time, that’s NOT included in the package. I mean it can be, but it’s $125 per picture, and my book is planned to have a lot of pictures.

        That’s another thing i don’t quite understand and can’t find a good answer for yet; why don’t more middle grade and YA books have tons of black and white art? Is there a printing reason for this? Wouldn’t a page of text be the same price as a page of art? I don’t know. Anyway, I need to hash out a plan with an artist, including the color cover and color back, and a crapload of interior pieces.

        But raising MONEY for Dog Ear, that’s the trickier part. My plan as of now is to fund a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign to raise money, but do THAT I will need a professional looking VIDEO. And do that I will need to hire a film crew and editors, even if the commercial is only 2-3 minutes long. But it can double as a promotional for the kickstarter as well as a commercial for the book itself later on, with sales links at the end. For now, this commercial needs to look so enticing that it convinces people to donate money to a book that technically they can’t even buy yet.

        I have a script and I have a storyboard. I bought an e-book about how to step by step create a Book Trailer and it was helpful. It’s hard to do actually. And all of those examples were for books that already exist. I’m trying to drum up funding for a book that’s WRITTEN but not sold anywhere yet. I think that some snappy artwork in the video commercial will help.

        So, that’s where I am now.

      • I’ll look into Dog Ear. Thanks for that lead! As for all the components that go into… well… all of it, I’ve made my own book trailers before, though they’re far from professional, and now I don’t have the computer to do it anyway. That said, it IS doable, as a start, if you use nonlicensed images (or ones you have paid for) and edit it on Windows Movie Maker. Not ideal, but if you put a lot of time into it you can make a decent started trailer yourself on the cheap.

        Honestly, I’m finding that promotion and marketing are kind of like writing a book in the first place — they take a lot of work and creativity, but I do believe they can be done right, even cheaply, if you know what you’re doing.

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