Why Post-Apocalyptic for Kids?

Why do books matter for the next generation? #kidlit #amwriting #revolution

Jessica Crichton


I can’t tell you exactly when I first started writing, nor why I continue to this day. Authors tend to repeat the oft-used phrase, “we write because we must” to cover such questions. I tend to agree with this. It isn’t a satisfying answer, but there it is — I write because it is who I am.

As far back as I can remember I’ve seen the world… differently. My dollhouse was never enough; I always created an entire world around it with everything in my bedroom. Where most people saw a leaf on a tree, I saw an air-boat for a tiny elf. Where most people saw an office building, I saw a sideways world where people could fall off the walls into space.

I still see these things on a daily basis.

Long ago, I came to the conclusion that there are two ways to go about life…

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