What is a Writer?

I am a writer.

I really don’t care if some don’t agree with this assessment. I’ve been a writer so long that if someone told me that I was not a writer, I’d ask what their definition of “writer” is. Then I’d follow up with, “does it have anything to do with fame or financial benefit?”

Sadly for most, the answer to that would be “yes”.

While I’d LOVE to make my living writing just about anything, in the end it isn’t about financial gain. It’s not about fame or fortune or power. It’s about the words. It’s about using metaphor, simile, and myth to speak artistically the truth of the world for our future generations. It’s about creating something interesting out of an otherwise blah topic. It’s about making people laugh, cry, curious, and inspired.

THAT is why I write. And that is why I am a writer.


One Response to “What is a Writer?”

  1. We should never allow others to define ourselves and our success.

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