“Guts and Glory Books” Nominated for a Liebster Award!

Hi all! I know I haven’t posted much lately. I’ve been working hard on Rise of the Nefarious Numbots so I can get it out to you in August, and there’s some pretty awesome news about the entire trilogy that I will be announcing VERY soon (as in, later today). For now however, I have a pretty awesome post to make about an award I have been nominated for: the Liebster Award!   liebster_award

Isn’t it pretty?

First, I want to thank my good friend Deby Fredericks for her nomination. She is an amazing kidlit writer of fantasy and science fiction, and her own blog is pretty freaking cool, so it’s an honor that she thought of me. You can read and follow her here (or click on her name above — that works too).

Now, I have some questions to answer that she has asked me to post:

Q: What is the goal or point of your blog?

A: I started a blog to have more of a web presence, though I was never sure what exactly to write in it. I’m still working on that, but I do enjoy having a place for my readers to go and see what’s up with me and my work. It’s also kind of cozy to have my own little corner of the web.

Q: Are you a cat person or a dog person?

A: Contrary to popular opinion, not all writers are cat people. I adore dogs! Especially the big ones with floppy ears and happy faces. 🙂

Q: What kind of car/truck/bike/etc. do you drive?

A: Unfortunately I currently drive a minivan. I’m currently in the market for a new car, so this will change soon… I hope!

Q: If you could visit any museum in the world, which would it be?

A: OW! Um… that’s hard. I’d say the Library of Alexandria, but it wasn’t exactly a museum and it’s gone now anyway. 😦 The runner up would be Blackness Castle in Scotland. It’s been turned into a museum, but my Crichton ancestors once lived there. That could be fun!

Q: What kind of candy is your favorite?

A: Another hard one. It really depends on my mood. I’d never turn away a Starburst!

Q: Why do you write the genre you do?

A: I get to write about places like Nil, of course! Honestly, I didn’t really choose to write fantasy; it’s just always been in my heart for as far back as I can remember. Asking why I write fantasy is kind of like asking why I like Starburst — I just do. Science fiction, though, wasn’t always a genre I considered. In fact, every book I have ever written has been fantasy except the “Guts and Glory” trilogy. I got the idea because I love post-apocalyptic and dystopian fiction and wondered how it would work in a children’s book, so I guess I decided to write the story first then realized what genre it was. If the popularity of the trilogy is any indication maybe I was supposed to be writing sci-fi all along. Who knows?

Q:  When was the last time you were on a boat or similar watercraft?

A: Last summer. My in-laws own a boat and we try to go out at least once a year. It’s a blast — I’m a fish, so water and I are tight.

Q: Do you have any sort of totem or personal symbol?

A: The closest I can think of is the fae, though they’re not really a symbol. If I had to choose one I think it would be a book with dragonfly wings. Faeries and books are like woah for me!

Q: Do you go to movies to laugh or to cry?

A: I go to movies for the same reason I read — to have adventures! Laughing and crying are both part of that, so… I guess both!

Q: Do you believe in angels or ghosts?

A: I believe in both. That said, I have NO idea what the inner workings of either are. I do want to be buried in an old cemetery so I can haunt it for a while. I think that would be fun!

Yes, I’m sort of weird… a little…

I’ve also been instructed to tell eleven random facts about myself, so here goes:

11) I have two sisters and a brother. I grew up with my sisters as the middle child; my brother is younger than me by nine years.

10) I’m a Gemini, and just about everything they say about Geminis is true for me.

9) I have ADD. Again, about everything they say about ADD is true for me.

8) The three above facts state, simply, that I’m a middle child Gemini with ADD, which calculates to Jessica = spaz. I have no problem with that.

7) I have five children: four girls and one boy. My eldest will be an adult in October. Yes, that makes me feel old but not in a bad way. I feel blessed to watch them grow up and become the people they were meant to be.

6) Guts, Glory and Books were inspired by Jem, Scout and Dill from To Kill a Mockingbird.

5) My greatest literary influence is Madeline L’Engle. I wrote her a letter when I was sixteen. When she wrote back, it was one of the greatest moments of my life.

4) My top six favorite children’s authors are Madeline L’Engle, Susan Cooper, J.K. Rowling (yeah, I know — bandwagon, but she deserves it), Roald Dahl, L.M. Montgomery, and Katherine Patterson.

3) I do read adult fiction as well. My top six favorite adult writers are Robert Jordan, Edgar Allen Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Mark Twain, Victor Hugo, and Stephen King. (I count Mark Twain as an adult writer here because my least favorite of his books are Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer.)

2) I have studied literature formally, so yes, I know Shakespeare. In my professional opinion, he had hits and misses. I think “Romeo and Juliet” is absolutely horrible, but I adore “MacBeth”. His other plays all fall somewhere in between these for me.

1) I’m kind of a gamer girl. At the moment I’m playing Skyrim, Pathfinder and D&D. I’m a Nord Vampire, Elf Rogue, and Human Ranger, respectfully.

Well, that was fun! Thank you again, Deby, for your nomination!


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  1. Great answers — thanks for taking part.

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