I Get Knocked Down

… and… you know the rest.

So, my uber-awesome agency rejected “Guts and Glory” in the end. I’m not entirely surprised. I mean, I was amazed that they asked for a full in the first place, all things considered. And I learned a lot from them, even though their rejection didn’t involve quite the amount of feedback I was hoping for, considering that their website says they give detailed feedback for full requests. But whatever. The point is, I wallowed in a decent amount of self-pity (about three days), before I decided to use this experience to my advantage.

See, every rejection isn’t just a badge of honor for a writer – a self-proclaimed battle scar, as it were. No, it’s also a chance to get better. My uber-agency, which I now feel free to tell you was none other than The Blair Partnership, J.K. Rowling’s very own agency itself, did give me a BIT of feedback in their rejection after six months of review…

…they said they loved my world and my plotline, but that my characters just weren’t likable enough.

Okay, so far from taking that personally, I have done what any professional should do in this situation, and taken that to heart as a tool to improve my writing. Though “Guts and Glory” is not compete (and I assure you, I WILL finish the final book), I have decided to take a little break from the series, and focus instead on a new set of books. It has no name, as of yet, and no straight plotline, but I have my new world mapped out, and I WILL have my characters likable (by not making the plotline contingent on character development, for one). I’m leaning on my strengths while learning from my weaknesses… in that way, the new series will be amazing. Of that, I have no doubt.

Stay tuned to meet Tipani Walker, and delve into her world of dreams, nightmares, and what’s on The Other Side. Jessica Rising will rise again, stronger and more sure than ever before!

This is not over. Not by a long shot…


6 Responses to “I Get Knocked Down”

  1. don’t know what they are thinking by turning you down but as you say you will rise and not be kept down love you thoughts and your writings you keep it up and I will keep reading and sharing ❤

    • Thank you Eddie. I’ll be posting some things about the new series soon. As for “Guts and Glory”, since book two JUST came out, I’m allowing it to sink in to the public a bit before planning the final book anyway. 🙂

  2. Even great agents are only one person. I might have mentioned that, on my YA “Curse of the Dark Elf,” one agent told me to ramp up the emotion. The next agent told me there was too much emotion. All you can do is trust your muse and write your best story. And keep working on new projects, knowing your muse will grow stronger.

    • That’s the plan, Deby! Thank you for all your continued support. It means a lot to me. I’ve learned a lot from my recent “fun” reading, which I have been able to take up again since finishing school. Funny, that I learn more OUT of school than in it. I honestly think, now that I’m finished, that my master’s is just proof of what I continue to learn just by being alive.

  3. Ann Robertson Says:

    As they say write what you want to read. Remember Jack London had over 600 rejections, that should make all of us writers feel better. Lastly, if you love your characters someone else will also. Pull those boots back up and don’t let them know you off your horse.

    • Thank you Ann. My new character will be VERY three dimensional. It may even be difficult for me to pull everything out that I need to for her. But she’ll be totally worth it!

      Also, yeah. I do love my Nil Kids. Of course, the agency named Trev, Tab and Emily specifically as characters they didn’t feel close enough to. Pfft.

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