Who are You… Really?

“How can ya go by names ‘at don’t mean nothin’? That’s loony!” ~ Books, Dr. Fixit’s Malicious Machine

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Who are you?

To some, that may be easy to answer. But to most it’s very difficult. Most of us go through our lives trying to figure out the answer to just that exact question. In Nil, the Kids have figured that out — their names define them, and anyone who’s name doesn’t, is entirely foreign to them. In our world, too, kids know who they are. They have figured out their passions, their joy, their place in the world. It isn’t until they are teenagers — inundated with the world’s definition of who they are rather than their own — that they get confused… and for the most part stay that way until their deathbed.

So… who are you? What’s your Nil name? It is the name you gave yourself when you were a child, and thus, it is your only true name.

Remember. Be that person again. Live that life. Until you do, you will never again be fully you.

Hi. I’m Scribbler. I scribble stories.

What is YOUR Nil name?



2 Responses to “Who are You… Really?”

  1. Vera Lewis Says:

    I love this!!!!!

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