Song of Spirit – Prologue

This is the beginning of my fantasy webnovel, The Elementals: Song of Spirit. I will be posting a chapter a day until the entire book is available.  As I go, I will post links below to each chapter. If you are just starting to read it, this is where you want to be. Otherwise, click here to get to the full linked table of contents.

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“Water, fluid and fertile, to sing the world to life.

Fire, powerful and purifying, to forge the world to strength.

Earth, solid and deep, to nourish the world to abundance.

Air, spacious and pure, to lead the world to knowledge.

Spirit, loving and wise, to watch over it all.

~Ancient blessing, spoken together by representatives of

all five planes at the birth of each original Elemental.




It was dark.

But it always was, so that was nothing odd. At least not to those who lived among the perilous mini tornadoes of red and blue that whirled willy-nilly all over the ever changing, ever shifting black countryside of The Great Empty. The blue cyclones were searing hot, the red, burning cold, and both could burn and freeze the life out of any mortal creature who dared walk among them.

But then, those who dwelled within The Great Empty were not mortal.

Though there were many different kinds of immortals in The Great Empty, only one race could say they were truly native to the dark lands. These unnatural creatures made of mud skin over organic skeletons with jagged metal teeth and fangs were kept alive by twisted elemental glamour, and were known to all as newmen.

On a day not too long ago, two of these newmen squatted on the only solid part of the landscape — the black ground near a towering rocky fortress — talking low together. The first one was small and rat-ish looking with big sharp metal front teeth, mud-like skin and a shock of thorny weeds for hair. He was a sorry sight, in torn, dirty green overalls and nothing more and he continually glanced around as if expecting someone to drop on top of him at any moment. His companion was much larger, resembling a gorilla, with drops of dark, scorching oil dripping from his fanged mouth like drool and his hollow metal eyes glowing with literal fire. His clothing resembled a military uniform, dark blue with gleaming metals at his breast. It was clean and pressed, with not a bit of material out of place. In fact, it would be perfectly neat and tidy but for the bib of steaming oil burn along the jacket collar from the creature’s deadly drool.

These two mismatched metal monstrosities ignored the familiar currents of hot and cold that spun and blew among the shifting countryside around them, much more interested in their conversation. It was, after all, the reason they had met here in the first place.

“They’re coming, you know,” the first one whispered, his voice a mixture of rat-ish squeaks and nails on a chalkboard.

The second leaned in closer to hear. “Who?” he growled, his deep voice also matching his own apelike looks.

The rat-creature grinned, an evil glint in his fiery, hollow eyes. “The Elementals. They’re coming.”

“I have heard that already,” the second retorted, waving a wickedly clawed hand. “Have you called me here for nothing more than idle gossip?”

The rat-creature giggled madly. “But they’re coming. They are. ‘Tis not idle gossip.”

The ape snarled low in his throat, a warning to the other. “It is not possible. The Elementals are safely humanized and lost among their weak kin on The Earthen Plane Surface as they have been for centuries on end. All know this. Even if, by some slim chance, they have been found…”

The rat giggled again, rocking back and forth on its hind legs. “Ah, but they have been. They have been found! It know it! I do!”

“And you know this, how, Alexander?” the gorilla snarled. “Even Master Adams has not had any such confirmation of these rumors. If he had, he would have surely taken action.”

The rat leered up at his companion, his grin dark and twisted. “I know what I know. You can know too, for a price.”

Fast as lightning the ape jumped forward, grabbing Alexander by his throat with big, muddy claws. Though these creatures were immortal, they were not impervious to pain. The ape’s iron grip around the rat’s thin throat caused the latter’s eyes to bulge, and he made noises not unlike the screeching of an old iron hinge.

“Now,” the gorilla said, his blazing eyes flaring bright. “Let’s try this again. When I let go, I want you to answer my question. If you say anything but the answer to my question, I will proceed to rip that throat right out of your neck, and that won’t feel very good at all. Are we clear?”

Alexander nodded enthusiastically. When the ape let go and sat back on his haunches, the rat fell backwards, choking and wheezing in a cacophony of screeches and squeaks. Finally, he climbed back up and sat down again, gasping for breath.

His eyes remained on the blasted black ground as he answered the ape in a mumbled whisper. “I saw. I saw the elf-pet sneaking around here. He run off towards the Midnight Gate.”

The gorilla growled again, unsatisfied. “That means nothing to me, Alexander,” he said, his voice full of danger. “The elf has visited both here and the Earthen Plane Surface many times before. In fact, he is always Traveling. It has been well known that he looks for The Elementals, but has not found them.”

“This says otherwise,” Alexander replied, holding up a scrap of paper he had taken from the breast pocket of his overalls.

The gorilla took the paper, unfolding it and reading it warily. It said simply, “Bring them home”, and was signed with the grand seal of The Great Queen Herself.

The gorilla eyed the rat. “This fell from the elf’s pocket?”

Alexander nodded.

“And he ran to the Midnight Door with great haste?”

Again, a nod.

The ape stood up, throwing a handful of coins at the ground in front of the rat. “Tell no one else of this or you know what will befall you, minion.”

The rat nodded, happily scooping up his coins and scurrying away without another word.

The ape turned his gaze in a different direction, his drooling mouth twisting into an evil smile as he looked up at the monstrous fortress above.

Master Adams will be quite pleased, he thought as he returned to the fortress’ main gate. Quite pleased, indeed.

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