Blogging for Kidlit 101

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it’s like to maintain a blog when your audience is kids who don’t read blogs (as a general rule). So, naturally, I decided to… blog about it!

The average consensus is that, in the absence of their actual readership, kidlit writers should blog to two groups — parents and other writers. Now I’ve done this, and will do so again — heck, I’m doing it even now. That said, there’s only so much blogging a person can do about the same things that so many others are also blogging about. How many blogs are out there about kids’ books, writing, publishing, and parenting? I have no idea, and I’m guessing neither do you. There are literally thousands of them. Maybe by now there are even hundreds of thousands. And they all talk about the same thing. Sure, I’m a pretty good mom, and I know a bit about publishing, but that could be said of many others out there. And just like it is with everything in life, some of those are even better than me.

So how do I stand out? How do YOU stand out?

What I’m good at is being creative. I can tell the most insane story you ever heard. But blogging is about non-fiction, and besides that my fiction is for kids. That’s my thing, you see.

SO. My answer to the question above is still pending. However, I am always looking for it.

And maybe you might have an idea or two to share? 😉


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