Stuff ‘Bout Namin’ Kids

Hey Earth Kids. It’s Books ‘gain.

So Scribber says ya don’t know how Nil Kids get our names. She tried ta tell me how ya get ’em on Earth, but then she started talkin’ bout Adults ‘gain, so I stopped listenin’ cuz I ain’t interested in stuff that ain’t real.

Anyhow, so in Nil we don’t just get our names, we earn ’em. The Sticks — that’s the little Kids — they don’t got no names cuz they don’t know who they are yet. Ya gotta figure that out ta earn your name an’ become a Stone — a big Kid.

I ‘member when I didn’t have my name yet. Gadget — that’s my big brother — he showed me everythin’ he knew back when I was a Stick, but the first thing he showed me was how ta read. We had a big ol’ library at the mall, an’ soon’s I learned ta read good ’nuff, I was in there all the time just readin’ an’ readin’. One day I was readin’ an’ I looked at my book an’ I thought, “My name’s Books!” An’ I ran ta Gadget an’ I told him an’ he looked at the book in my hand an’ he nodded an’ said, “yup! It sure is!”

So that’s how I earned my name.

See, cuz just findin’ out what your name is don’t do it. Ya gotta find a Stone ta agree that ya earned it, like Gadget agreed with my name. Then ya get ta go by your name an’ ya ain’t a Stick no more, but now you’re a Stone.

Anyhow, so that’s how we earn our names in Nil. I dunno what I’ll tell ya next. This is kinda fun! Course, I still ain’t believin’ that I’m really talkin’ ta no Earth Kids. But it’s fun ta pretend anyhow.


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