What’s Up With this Bloggin’ Stuff?

Scribbler says I’m talkin’ ta a buncha Kids from Earth. I dunno ’bout that, but if ya wanna know ’bout Nil ya gotta ask a Nil Kid, not some weird-oh Teen girl ‘at says she’s a Adult. She don’t even know Adults ain’t real!


Anyhow, name’s Books. Nice ta meetcha. I’m gonna tell ya some new stuff ’bout Nil every time I get on this ‘puter thing ‘at Scribbler brung with her. But first I’m thinkin’ I’m gonna make my own ‘puter, since this one ain’t even got no legs or nothin’. Earth must be a loony place!

Anyhow, what’s your names? Are they weird Earth names like Scribbler’s? She says her name’s really Jessica, but I ain’t never hearda no Jessica before. Anyhow, she says she scribbles stories ’bout Nil, so her name’s Scribbler now. Makes lots more sense.

I gotta go now. Scribbler’s messin’ with my scrap. She don’t even know what she’s doin’!


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