Hello from Nil!

Hello my friends!

After searching for ages for Mom’s portal bathtub, I finally found it! I’m writing to you now from the run-down city of Nil. It wasn’t hard to find Books’ mall, though getting him to tell me more about Guts and Glory has been a challenge. But I will prevail! And I promise I will bring you all the stories I get as I travel around Nil. For now, here is a picture of my new Nil clothes that Books set me up with:

20130225_155311 20130225_155317 20130225_155331

I don’t get any armor, though, since, as Books puts it, “Ya ain’t no Kid.” He’s not sure what to make of me, I know. But I’m sure we’ll soon be great friends!

Talk to you soon!

Jessica Rising

Official Scribbler of Nil


2 Responses to “Hello from Nil!”

  1. Fun idea! Excited to see where you go in Nil next. 😉

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