I’ve written, revised, edited and written again. I’ve pulled my hair out, cried on my keyboard, banged my head against the wall, and written some more. No, I’m not talking about my manuscript.

I’m talking about my blurb.

You know, that short synopsis-like thing that always reads to well when other people write it? That shortened version of the story you have given blood, sweat and tears to over the last three years? The very most important part of your query because it will literally mean the difference between an agent wanting to read more and clicking “x” before even finishing your query?

Yeah. THAT blurb.

And so I THINK I MIGHT have finished it. Maybe. I love it now, but who knows if I’ll love it tomorrow? So I’m going to post it here, let it sit, and see.

Then hit the keyboard for more full manuscript revisions…

“He’s found us!”

That’s not exactly what eleven-year-old Trevor Tate expects Mom to say when he shows her his third suspension notice in three months. Of course, he doesn’t expect a robotic tentacle to shoot out of her basement lab and drag her through an otherworldly portal, either. 

Now, to save Mom Trevor must follow her to Nil, a ruined world full of giant bugs, monstrous machines and food that looks like poop. Then there are the Dark Crows, an army of superkids who think Trevor is a legendary hero come to save them from their sworn enemy, the tyrannical teens. For Trevor, whose short temper has branded him a bully at school, accepting that charge is difficult at best. But when he uncovers the shocking secret Mom has kept from him all his life, he begins to see that sometimes it takes the resolve of a villain to awaken the true hero inside.


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