Prophetic Writing

Have you ever tried to write a prophecy? Are you a poet or a short story writer? If so, I envy you your abilities. As for me, my prophecy is lucky it’s so important to my story or else I’d have given up on it long ago.


As a general rule, a prophecy must…

  • Be somewhat poetic in form. It doesn’t have to rhyme, but it should have a poetic cadence to it, at least.
  • Predict some future happening in the most vague and easy-to-misread way possible.
  • Be seen as exact in its prediction when said prediction finally comes out.

I stink at poetry, always have to pull back from telling too much too blatantly, and don’t have any exacts about the final outcome of my trilogy as yet. (Though I DO know what will happen — just no specific details yet.)

It was… painful.

But, after all was said and done I came up with this:

When the end has come and went,
and kith and kin is spent.
When evil rules with secret tools
and the sky is endless fire.
Then will Guts and Glory come
from a place beyond the mire.
He with fiery fearlessness,
she with warmth and wisdom.
Their sacrifice 
will be the price
for our forever freedom.

PLEASE tell me this is as good as I think it is? Because I swear if I have to work on this any longer, someone is loosing some hair.


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