So. Fed. Up.

Some days it just feels like everything you do to write, promote and publish your work is about as effective as beating your head against a concrete wall. And the worst part is, it’s not the agents you blame. It’s not the editors, the readers, or the media. It’s you. Because somehow, some way, you just can’t. Get. It. RIGHT.

That’s how I feel today. No motivation. No excitement. No hope.

I feel like everything I have done with “Guts and Glory” over the past three years has been entirely without purpose, because no matter how I revise, edit and work it, for some reason I can’t make the story resonate with anyone but myself.

And I fear I never will.


6 Responses to “So. Fed. Up.”

  1. Hi Morgan
    I hear you. I published in September 2012 and I have had my share of low days becuase of what I would describe as “book fatigue.” Ie my family and friends have been hearing about my book for close to 3 years now, so now that its out, its kind of an anitclimax.
    Anyway, enough about me, words to encourage you.
    Your blog is beautiful.
    You have some great followers
    Your book sounds wonderful
    Your illustrations are beautiful.
    I love anything about Elves as I have them in my own book.
    I read your article about how the middlw grade audience accesses books and it solidified my belief that I must do Print On Demand as well as Ebook so thank you for that,
    I am in the process of gaining reviews at the moment, its tedious and may never sell another book but I am hopeful.
    Anyway, best wishes, don’t give up, I am cheering you on.
    Cheers Julie Anne Grasso

    • Thank you Julie. Like most writers, I can live on a few little comments of interest and/or compliments every now and then, but then, sometimes, it just gets to be too few and far-between. Your words help so much. And hey, it’s not like giving up is even an option, right? Tomorrow’s a new day…

  2. Everyone feels like that from time to time-chin up things will get better! Take a step back before you go crazy and things usually look better in the morning, or week, you get the idea. I really like the idea behind the books.

  3. i agree with you angie

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