“Weave of Water” in the Works

So, while everyone is busy downloading Song of Spirit, its sister title, Weave of Water is in full swing on my word processor. (I date myself often; it’s a curse.) I plan for it to be out in time for Christmas, with the third book, Pyre of Fire, following close behind. As a recap, here are all five titles in “The Elementals” series:

Book 1: Song of Spirit

Book 2: Weave of Water

Book 3: Pyre of Fire

Book 4: Essence of Earth

Book 5: Stair of Air

The entire series should be out and available by this time next year, though I won’t rush them. For those of you who have Song of Spirit in paperback and/or digital form, the books following it will most likely not be quite as long. This is because the first book is more like five stories in one, following each of the Elemental siblings in their individual — yet connected — stories. Since the main character Rose is only three years old in Song of Spirit, it made it easy to follow her story and still get pretty deep into the other characters at the same time. So, if you have a favorite element / character / plane from Song of Spirit (that’s not Rose, anyway), you’ll be getting pretty much a whole book just about them and their particular world! For all the Rose / Spirit / Psyche Plane fans out there, don’t worry. She’ll pop up in each book, too, as she gets a little older over time. 🙂

Anyway, I will keep you updated on Weave of Water as it unfolds. Be sure to grab a copy for Christmas for your favorite “Elementals” fan, and let me know what you think of Song of Spirit, too! ~ MM


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