Stream Of Consciousness Story: Part 1

I have decided to start something new here: a story that I have not planned, sketched, drafted, or otherwise thought of before this moment as I write it. I’ll finish each chapter as a separate post, then anyone who has been following it can give me ideas to edit it, change characters, whatever. It’ll be OUR story together that way, and when we have ALL decided that it is all edited and polished, I will publish it and put the names of all contributors in the acknowledgements. Anyone can contribute, but I would greatly covet the input of my younger readers especially, since I am, and always will be, a children’s writer first and foremost. Okay, so, without further ado, let’s start! ~ MM

I remember the first day of school very well. Of course, when one is humiliated beyond words before one even enters the school building, they’re going to remember that. Guaranteed. It didn’t help either that my mom stopped the bus driver and held everyone up as I picked my belongings up off the ground.

Stupid bag and its stupid non-working clasp.

I didn’t say goodbye to mom as I passed her to go up the steps and plop down into the nearest seat. All I could think about at that particular moment was the eyes of the other kids on the back of my head.

Everyone was looking at me. I hate it when people look at me.

My first day of sixth grade at a new school, and I was already branded a loser. And I had been so excited, too, to start fresh. Nobody knowing me. Nobody expecting me to be the loser I was.

The first two months of school were pretty much the same. I didn’t have many friends, and the ones I did have were more interested in my lunch money than they were in me. Life was pretty much exactly the same as I was used to at my old school.

Until Halloween came. Then everything changed.


4 Responses to “Stream Of Consciousness Story: Part 1”

  1. sounds good, more please!

  2. Robert Horton Says:

    This is a very cool idea and I look forward to reading and/or contributing.

    Good start. Love the slight background info and the foreshadowing. ๐Ÿ™‚

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