Update on “The Waiting Game”

Hello all!

So, I just spent a few glorious days in the woods with my husband and a few awesome friends, after finally receiving a reply from the agent with whom I hope to work  on “Guts and Glory”. It was a good reply. NOT a rejection (and the angels sing HALLELUJAH!), but not an acceptance either. However, it came with what any writer worth anything to the art and profession of writing covets like their own offspring: professional-level constructive criticism. Yes, you read that right: he actually told me what was wrong, what to do about it, and asked to read my manuscript again once I’ve done it!


Now, an agent with the kind of client base that this guy has (100+ clients), and the history and clout in the profession that he has collected over the years, does not just tell a writer that he’ll read her manuscript again to be nice. He doesn’t have time for that. So, he really does love my book, and just needs a little more to be tweaked before he sells it!

I can tweak. Oh, yes. I can tweak like a… tweaker? No. That sounds wrong. Um… like someone who can tweak really well.

Moving on.

So during the camping trip (ah, and we return to whence we began), my husband and I did some brainstorming on the details that will make up the changes that need to be made.Thanks to him, we came up with some amazing new scenes, and a great new simplified way to end the book. (The main issue the agent and his readers had was that the ending was too complicated.) I’m so excited to write these scenes! Sometimes you just need to get out into the woods and sit around a campfire, you know? Still, I also have some major reworking of the overall trilogy plot and worldbuilding to do, in order for everything to work together in a simplified way. That means lots more notes and sketches and… MAN do I love what I do!

Oh, and just to let you know, I’m not just letting this agent change everything about my story because he’s an agent and I’m a drooling “I-wanna-be-published-Master” noob.  I do agree with the agent on the points he made. In fact, I already knew these were issues, but I second guessed myself. Never do that. If you’re a born writer (and if you are, you know it), then you have the instinct. Don’t doubt that instinct. I have learned that lesson, and just in time; I won’t be sending my manuscript back to the agent until all my doubts are alleviated, because he won’t offer to read it a third time. This is my chance, and I am taking it!

All this is to say that you should NEVER  give up! It’s right when things look the bleakest, that the light you need to follow can best be seen. Will this take more time and work? Of course. But I didn’t get into writing because I ever thought it would be easy.

Follow your passion. It can lead you to great places. I’ll keep you all updated as “Guts and Glory” makes its way through the traditional publishing rounds, even while I work on another series via self-publishing (more on that to come)!


6 Responses to “Update on “The Waiting Game””

  1. Cheering you on from the Twitter / Blog world Morgan. Look forward to your further posts, and I suggest celebratory cupcakes.

    • Thank you Julie! Your comment made my day. As for cupcakes, I fully intend on ordering special made ones from my friend who did the cupcakes for my wedding. 😀

  2. Great news, m’dear! Now get cracking. 🙂

  3. […] so, the excitement of “Guts and Glory” being SO close to that goal has been euphoric, and I am doing everything in my power to make it happen. Everything. So the idea […]

  4. […] to you is, so I’m letting you all know that I plan on sending The Curious Cogs of Nil back to the agent (whom I will not name until and unless I am officially signed with him, for obvious reasons) around […]

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