The Waiting Game

I’ve heard a lot of people from many different professions cite the oft-uttered phrase, “hurry up and wait”, to describe their work. Some of the professions that claim the phrase are the military, scientists of varying fields, and even stock market brokers. Yet I honestly can’t imagine any professionals that have to hurry up and wait more often than writers. Now, I’m not making this into a contest — mostly — but if I had to venture a guess as to who has earned a PhD in waiting, it would be us.

Hands. Down.

I have waited (heh) to post about this for a long time, mostly because I can’t really go into any full details about it, even now (yeah… still waiting on that particular green light). Yet the last few days have been particularly difficult in that I’m pretty sure my stomach will never be the same again, and I learned that your heart CAN beat loud enough to keep you awake all night. No, I’m not exaggerating. Yes, it has been… fun.

Now, what I am describing here is not the endless, torturous waiting that is involved in initial querying. That is bad enough in and of itself, but you pretty much expect rejections at that point (and if you don’t, then I’ll venture to guess you just need to wait a little longer; don’t worry, it’ll come). It’s not even the waiting for a partial request to be answered.

It’s waiting on a full. From a major agent. Whom you have been referred to by a client. For the first time ever.

Some of you, those who are already commercially published, will laugh at (with?)  me. Others will be jealous that I have gotten this far. To the former I say this: how on earth did you survive this part? To the latter, I say don’t be. This is probably the worst waiting I have ever endured. It’s so close I can taste it, and yet, one simple e-mail and I could be back where I started. Maybe even further back, because if a referral doesn’t help, then the whole problem is entirely set in my writing (as opposed to my queries or my choices as to who to query or…), thus I won’t be able to stop myself from at least considering the fact that I was never meant to be a writer at all.

Professional suicide would likely come next.

I’ve been waiting for a little over a month now for a reply. That, of course, is hardly any time at all in the publishing world. I’m not even close to wet enough behind the ears to think otherwise. I’ve given up entirely on queries that were answered a year later. No big deal. Except this is a big deal. After all, it could only result in the realization of what I’ve been waiting for my whole life. And that? Is a very long time to wait, indeed.

Beat that, stock brokers. I dare ya.


4 Responses to “The Waiting Game”

  1. How I handle it? Always work on something new. It keeps you focused and enjoying your job.

    • Well, I don’t have much of a choice, since my current WIP is also schoolwork that’s due on the 27th. It does help, too! Thanks Deby. 🙂

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