A Little Bit About “The Curious Cogs of Nil”

Hi everyone! I’m Morgan Marshall, and having decided to do my very first author  blog-in, it’s time for me to write a bit about my children’s post-apocalyptic science fiction novel, The Curious Cogs of Nil:



Eleven-year-old Trevor Tate doesn’t want to follow in his jailbird, jerk of a dad’s footsteps, but it’s looking more and more like he has no choice. Everyone already thinks he’s a bully because of his dad. And even worse, no matter how hard he tries, he can’t control his temper so he just keeps proving them right. Trevor’s mom is the only person in the world who believes in him, so when she’s suddenly stolen away by a pair of freaky cybernetic men-in-black, he decides that he has to rescue her no matter what.

But when he follows the momnappers through a portal in the bathtub to the post-apocalyptic city of Nil, Trevor realizes that being a hero is hard work! Especially when you’re used to being a villain. Now he’s caught up in a wicked war between kids and teenagers, in a place where the bugs are big enough to ride, adults are a myth, and both sides think Trevor is some legendary hero named Guts. Trevor just wants to find Mom, not deal with a crazy war in another world. But when the teens mess with his sisters, it all gets way more personal than he ever dreamed…

The Curious Cogs of Nil, (also known as The Nefarious Cogs of Nil or The Crows’ Nest; final title pending), will be available soon, followed by The Fabled Zombies of Noc and The Unlucky Robots of Num, to finish out the “Guts and Glory” trilogy.  For more information on this series, or to keep up with the latest news concerning it and my other books, click here and/or subscribe to my blog. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions in the comments section, as well. Thanks for visiting, and happy reading!


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