In Stasis

Hi! I’m back. Kind of. Miss me?

Yes, I made it. Yes, I know it’s a meme now, which means it’s gotten annoying. But at least it’s a fun one, dang it.  And it fits!

So, one of the things I have wanted to do badly for the last three months was just sit down and write . But with schoolwork piled up to my eyebrows, that was hardly an option. Still, my mind was never entirely on my essays, so I am thrilled — and somewhat shocked — that I passed the term with a 4.0. (Go me.) Through the entire term I kept getting all these ideas for “Guts and Glory”, and even started dreaming about it. It got to be so bad that I looked for ways to incorporate the ideas into my essays. But I hardly ever had the chance to actually write my story itself. Still, because of all that thinking I now have the plot all laid out. I have the end all decided. I’m about two chapters away from finishing, and I’m done with school for a month and a half.

… and now I can’t write a thing.

I wish I could give you some sage advice that I have learned from this strange phenomenon, but I currently have no idea what happened. Maybe I’m burnt out from schoolwork. Maybe I need more exercise. Maybe I thought too much about my manuscript and now it’s old news to me (even though it’d be new to everyone else). Whatever the case may be, I find myself sitting in front of the computer with zero concentration, unable to string together a coherent sentence, let a lone a detailed description of a climactic final scene between hero and villain.

So instead, you have this blog, written to you by me for two reasons: One, maybe you will be inspired by it if you are going through (or have gone through or will go through) the same thing and feel like you’re the only one. And two, so I can follow the ages-old writer’s mantra of  “just write”. Who knows, maybe this will kick-start my juices again…

… or maybe they’ll come back right around the time school gets back in again.



5 Responses to “In Stasis”

  1. Oh no! Not the dreaded memes!! :O lol

    Welcome back! Congrats on the 4.0!

    Good luck with keyboard head-bashing. I’m trying to come up with an ending to my sequel of The Secret World of Dragons as well.

    Hopefully it all goes well and you get back to writing/blogging! 🙂

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