Pseudo-Writer’s Block

I’m writing this blog on my phone at about 6:30 AM after a night of agonizing writing. I use the verb very loosely. What I did last night wasn’t so much writing as it was treading water, trying desperatley to stay above the waves.

On my fifth rewrite of Trevor Tate’s adventures in Nil, I finally know what will happen, exactly how the story will go, and exactly how mag it SHOULD be… if I can get it right, that is. I have the voice mostly figured out (though Trevor has a way of cracking jokes that plays jarringly against his bad temper, as well as a need to directly speak to the reader that, while charming, I have been warned against doing so many times it’s become a mantra to naysay it every time it comes up), and I have the characters, gadgets, giant bugs and robots that make the story interesting. What I don’t have is the drive to finish it.

No, that’s not right… I don’t exactly have writer’s block, per se’… More like writer’s meh, I guess. I want to work on it when I’m not, there’s no lack of excitement for the craft or the story there, but the moment I sit at the computer, I find myself feeling entirely at a loss to put coherent sentences together, let a lone be quirky and fun while at the same time  throwing in those ever-important tension-strings of plot and mystery.

I know what I’m doing, who I’m writing about, and where they’re going. Heck, I LIKE all of it too! It’s an amazing adventure, if I do say so myself… only I can’t seem to get my brain to WORK well enough to make it HAPPEN.

Anyone else ever feel like that, or am I the only one who’s ever suffered from pseudo-writer’s block?


2 Responses to “Pseudo-Writer’s Block”

  1. ”Writer’s meh” describes it perfectly! I have it all the time. My methods for dealing with it are to do something else for a while (like reading) to get the creative juices flowing, write something else for awhile, or just plow through it and hope I become clever in the proofread.

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