Break and Wake, Week 1


So it’s Monday morning again, and I have been in graduate school for a little over a month now. Along with the dishes, monitoring the kids’ chores and spending quality time with Mike, I have neglected my blog due to schoolwork overload. I planned (and still plan) on posting some of my more interesting papers on writing and literature when I began school, but this quarter is mostly theory classes and entry-level graduate classes, aka “how to be a scholar instead of a student” aka “forget everything you learned as an undergraduate”, aka “my papers would probably bore you to tears at the moment”. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong about this.

I don’t think I am, though.

ANYway, so every Monday I fight with the fatigue faerie until about 3PM, which means I’m about as productive as the offspring of a slug and a rock.

Pictured: Me (AKA Obviouicus Photoshoppedicus Slocticus.)

SO, in order to combat both my gross neglect of you and my Monday morning slocknuss, I decided to begin a new series for each Monday morning, titled “Break and Wake”, which is my (entirely un)clever way of saying I have to break out of this tiredness and and wake the SHOD up.

Click for the website this came from. :)Uh… no. Not that kind of shod. Shod as in shodDY. As in… ya know what… nevermind.

ANYway, so part of “Break and Wake” will be random weird images which I have to Photoshop (well, mostly; the “shod” one above isn’t, but whatever), which is a good way of waking up and focusing on something fun that’s not all that vital to my life, unlike my schoolwork. It’ll also include arbitrary comments on things I’ve read about and seen or whatever, and links to fun crazy stuff. Like this.

You’re welcome.

(By the way, that’s probably NSFW. It’s your call if it’s SFK — Safe For Kids — but I’d watch it myself first, just to be sure.)

I figure this will both entertain you and wake me up. Kind of like a RedPad.


I don’t THINK I’ve infringed on any copyrights here… 😉

Wow… those are some shoddy Photoshops. Here’s some pretties from when I had a way better copy of PS to make me feel better:

Ooh yeah. That’s better!

Gotta have some Guts and Glory in this post, don’tyaknow! Oh, and by the way, here’s my Halloween costume for this year:

Somewhat self-serving, I know. And it doesn’t look nearly as cute on me as if would on an actual Kid, but whatever. I had fun with it! Too bad you can’t see my awesome mismatching striped knee socks and combat boots. I think I had a belt tied around my knee, too… at least for part of the night.

Anyway, whatever. Unless you’re at all versed in Guts and Glory, this won’t matter to you at all anyway, except maybe as a fascinating photograph of the author in her native habitat (and yes, that IS a Fight Club poster behind me, why do you ask? ;-).)

Oh, and Heidi, sorry I cut your beauty out of this pic. I wasn’t sure if you would want to be on a public forum. 😉 )

I was just thinking about the fun I have with Nil, and realized I could totally let you all in on the fun too!

Pictured: The Fun that is post-apocalyptic Nil! (Kind of…)

My favorite thing to do with Nil is come up with crazy, Kidlike ways to reinvent the things we all take for granted in our pre-apocolyptic world, like turning a carnival into The Net Nest and sewers into water wells (and other things that will come out later in the series). So, what would YOU think of to use and how? Come on, be a kid again! Think outside the bubble of the logical adult world for a moment, and fly!Post your ideas in the comments section!

By the way, if your idea is totally mag-awesome, I might just steal it for use in “Guts and Glory”, but I’ll give you credit. So that’s a heads-up.

Yeah, I know I implied I’d stop talking about “Guts and Glory”, but that’s very difficult for me to do. I guess you’ll just have to read up on it so you can play along too! 🙂

Oi… and it’s no longer morning. But at least it’s not three yet either! Now I’m off to read some Blake, a bit of Coleridge and a little Keates.

See ya soon!


3 Responses to “Break and Wake, Week 1”

  1. Spruce Derden Says:

    Hey there just did a search online for an apocalyptic scene and an image popped up from your site that I was interested in using for a background to a project that I am doing. Was wanting to get your permission before using and possibly in a higher resolution than what is on the web if possible.

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