A Quick Update

Hi all. I’m writing a quick note to let you know I’m not dead.

Graduate school has, of course, taken up much of my time. Along with that, my middle daughter Joei is now in orchestra and my son Conrad is doing a play with a local troupe. I’m very proud and excited for both of them, but it means even less time for blogging. I’m also making a point to write every day. “Escape From Igh Schoo” won’t write itself!

Anyway, I wanted to post more of my papers here, but so far nothing has been all that interesting. At least, not to anyone but me anyway. So I decided I want to ask you what you would like me to blog for your reading pleasure. Put it in the comments and let me know!

Lastly, no, I haven’t heard back from Pam yet. I don’t expect to for at least two months… hopefully longer as their website says manuscripts under serious consideration take longer. Patience is a virtue a writer must have… I admit it took time for me to develop that, and sometimes I relapse. Still, if it really matters, it’s worth waiting for.

What about you? How goes your writing adventure? 🙂



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