Literary Perfectionism

I just made a big mistake, and  now I can’t sleep because of it.

I read the first chapter of The Crows’ Nest again.

I am painfully aware of how much blood, sweat and tears went into its editing. Of how completley I obsessed over every word, every line, every punctuation mark. I know I worked harder than I have ever worked before in editing that manuscript to the teeth before making it available to the public.

But in one short reading — not even the entire first chapter — I  saw all my work unravel before my eyes, and I wondered with every line… what was I thinking?

Now, I lie in bed wondering what I could have done better… whether my readers will see the mistakes that I saw… and most importantly, if anyone will even like my writing after all…

There is a link to  a .pdf of the first five chapters on the top of my main page. If anyone would be so kind as to read them and either confirm or alleviate my anxiety here, I would be most grateful.

Meanwhile,  I’ll try to sleep by repeating the mantra, “we are our own worst critics, we are our own worst critics…”

I hope..?


3 Responses to “Literary Perfectionism”

  1. Even with all the milestones YOU are accomplishing! I consider it akin to a performer who cannot bear to watch themselves on-screen. Pieces of my own that I have sold for what I considered good money (fair market value), when referred to later by me for review or sampling, have just floored me with self-doubt.

    It’s like we are never done DRAFTING for Pete’s sake.

    • Thank you Angela. Still, I can’t help but worry when nobody has anything to say about the sample chapters. When I think something sinks, I don’t say anything, myself. I think I just need some tea and a good book to read. I haven’t read anyone else’s work in far too long.

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