My Self-Publishing Adventure: Day Sequel !

OK, so my title is a bit of a backwards oxi-moron. I am aware of that. I’m too psyched-up on my new Children’s Book Review showcase (and hopped-up on Red Bull and Frappuccinos… that too), to care today. Besides, it works in a backwards-Morgan-Marshall’s-world kinda way.

See, today I started really digging into Escape from Igh Schoo, which those of you who have been following my nuttiness know is the sequel to The Crows’ Nest. I’ve been working so hard on promotion and marketing lately that I’ve almost forgotten how wonderful it feels to just… write. And I’m such an evil sorceress of cliffhangers that I really should have Book 2 ready, just in case The Crows’ Nest is as successful as I want it to be.

Not all series are the same. Some can be read out of order, and are only series because they feature the same characters. Others are written by totally different authors about the same world. Mine is a serial series, to be read like one very long book. Because of this, I have planned “Guts and Glory” from beginning to end, building my characters ‘ backstories, the plotline, and the world of Eno with as much detail as possible.

Nope, Nil isn’t the name of my whole world, just a part of it. And yes, you will be introduced to many more places and characters as the books progress.

That said, I only know the basics of each books plotline (sans The Crows’ Nest of course). I enjoy writing that way because then it’s like reading a new story as I write… one that I can manipulate in whatever way I feel needs doing at any given time. But this is still within the confines of the overall series plotline, which gives me a nice, cozy path to walk… or return to of (read: when), I stray a bit too far.

So, what about you? Do you write series? How do you go about it and why? Do you read them? What do you like about them?


One Response to “My Self-Publishing Adventure: Day Sequel !”

  1. Congratz & good luck. As someone who is planning on self-publishing in the next year or so I will be following your journey with great interest!

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