When You Get Discouraged

This morning I had a mini-war with myself. Yes, I talk to myself. We all do. It’s just a fact, right? Right.

Moving on…

So I told myself I was excited to get to work today. “You’ve had so much fun working for yourself lately. What an awesome way to make a living, right?”

Usually Myself will answer in-kind. But not today. Today she was in a grumbly mood, to put it gently.

“What living?” she spat back. “You’re spending the day designing t-shirts and buttons and other crap nobody will ever buy because nobody cares about your stupid book!”

Ouch, Myself. That hurt!

But, I had to admit she was right. To a point anyway.

See, we all get like that from time to time. For me, today, it was triggered by the fact that I’ve sold a total of three paperbacks and one e-book since I published them last month. So, Myself reminded me none too gently this morn, what am I possibly thinking in putting together a store based on aĀ  book nobody is buying? A store that will possibly take me all day to set up? A store that may very well never sell a thing?

But I had an answer for Myself: “Because I care about my stupid book.”

See, that’s the crux of the matter, isn’t it? Why did I start this whole adventure in the first place? Was it to become the next J.K. Rowling? Sure, that’d be nice. I’m not going to pretend there. I’m sure we’d all like to be that successful. However, that wasn’t why I started this. I started it for the exact same reason I picked up a crayon and started writing my very first story so very long ago.

I started it because I am a writer.

So, no, Myself. You’re right. I haven’t sold a ton of books. I might never sell a ton of books. I might never be published by a big house, either. None of that matters. I’m a writer. I must write. And to give up on that dream, no matter how discouraged I get, would be soul suicide.

What about you? Are you discouraged today? If so, remember why you began this journey. Remember how excited and thrilled you were, and get that back so you can continue on your way.

Now, I have a store to set up… and advertising to do.

Never give up. Never surrender.


12 Responses to “When You Get Discouraged”

  1. “Iā€™m a writer. I must write.”
    Nicely said. I do it because it is a part of who I am!

  2. Love this! So true. Even if it never works out like we hoped, WE care about the book.

  3. Wonderful, relevant write, Morgan! Yes, never say die. I could have written this piece myself! But we all must believe in our own work before anyone else will, right? It’s not an easy process by any means, but I find daily rewards in connecting with other writers like you…kindred spirits…from whom I learn so much, and with whom I can share my concerns and small achievements. You’re either a writer or you’re not, and if you are, you can’t NOT write! It’s both a shackle and a path to freedom, and I love it like life itself. Keep writing, my friend…you have the Gift!! All the best…Jo

    • Thank-you Jo. You have no idea how badly I needed that today! You’re so right; connecting with other writers who understand is very uplifting when one has chosen a career that is traditionally lonely. Or… well… “chosen” isn’t exactly the right word, is it? Now, is that ironic or simply moronic? Or… something else entirely? No idea. Whatever. Point is, we have to stick together! I read some of your blog entries, but I couldn’t figure how to subscribe.

  4. I’ve just added the subscribe buttons; you should be able to do it now. Thanks so much!!

  5. There are only two so far, one on the general blog *right side top* and one on the poetry blog same place. I’ll put one on every page tomorrow. Let me know if they’re not showing. Thanks!

  6. Where would I get that widget, Morgan? My site is through Weebly. Thanks!

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