My Self-Publishing Adventure, Day EEE!

OK, so technically today wasn’t day EEE, it was yesterday. But since then I’ve been really busy readying the house for the kids’ return and the fall season. So now I’m finally taking a quick break to blog to you all about my awesome, exciting day yesterday.

What happened, you might ask? Did I get “The Crows’ Nest” out? No, that was the day before yesterday. Did I sell a bajillion copies? No, just a few so far. Did I finish “Escape From Igh Schoo”? No, that’ll take a couple more months at least… sorry! No, what happened was so completley awesome and amazing that it gave me prepubescent goosepimples…

I got my proof copy of “The Crows’ Nest” in the mail!



Now, for those of you who have  experienced this, you understand that feeling of utter excitement and joy that comes from holding a real paper-and-ink book in your hand that you wrote, edited and designed. For those of you who haven’t, well, I assume you just had an inkling of the excitement as you read my description and thought of your own beloved piece of literary treasure. Either way, yes, it is a magnificent moment.

The cover does have that huge border around it that I complained about earlier, but it’s not lopsided at all, and actually looks ok, though I’m glad I fixed it anyway before making it available to buy. A few of the inside illustrations are fuzzy, which I’m not entirely sure of why as they were the same .dpi and format as others that came out perfectly. Still, most of them are perfect, and the few that aren’t look like they should be that way anyway. Jessica will be getting her copy in the mail soon; we’ll see what she says about it.

Overall, though, I am very happy with the quality. The inside pages are perfectly aligned and cut, the cover is glossy and crisp, and the binding is trade-level professional. I take back what I said before — I AM impressed.

For those of you who think that this is the end of my self-publishing adventure, you will hopefully be relieved to know that it still has a long way to go. From finishing “Escape from Igh Schoo” better and faster than I did “The Crows’ Nest” by way of what I have learned, to promoting and selling “The Crows’ Nest”, I still have plenty to do and to blog about. Make no mistake, I plan this to be a “how to succeed in self-publishing” series, and nothing less. 🙂

So I’ll see you soon, once my house has died down a bit from four children returning from a rural summer and getting back into school, for the next installment: marketing and promotion on an itty-bitty budget!


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