As I wait for The Crows’ Nest to make it out of its publisher-created prison (come ON e-mail), I thought I’d write something a little different.  Looking out the window this morning I don’t see any spiderwebs or flatbed trucks, but the sun isn’t shining and it’s windy. That tells me something that makes me all giddy: fall’s coming!

"Autumn" by Slime (Click for artist's website)

Ouch! Man, I heard the moans there! “But Morgan, whyyyy do you have to take away our suuuuuumer? It just staaaaarted!” I suppose if you’re still in school (which I hope some of you are, since I do write for kids and all), I can give you a pass on this. After all, school can be a drag I know. And now the parents and teachers are complaining. Man! My voices are loud today! But everyone has to admit that sometimes they just would rather be doing something other than school or work, right? Even myself, as much as I’m looking forward to graduate school in October, I know how much work it’s going to be. That, and my children are coming home on Saturday from their yearly summer trip to Dad’s (EEE!) and as much as I can’t wait to see them again, with them will come all sorts of work that I haven’t had to do all summer including doctors appointments, school rides, chore wrangling, etc. I’m milking my break as long as I can, you can be sure! That said, there are a lot of things to look forward to in the fall. It’s my very favorite season. So I decided to give a little list of the best things about Autumn! Yay!

  • Crunchy leaves that smell like childhood
  • Fireplace fires!
  • Bundly, snuggly warm clothes
  • The HOLIDAYS are coming! Duh!
  • The kids ARE going back to school. (Sorry kids… this is for my grown-up friends.)
  • Halloweeeeeen! (The actual day. Not to be confused with “the holidays” above, which refers to anticipation of winter joys.)
  • Hot coffee and/or tea tastes SO much better in crispy weather!
  • So does soup and stew!
  • STORMS! They’re so exciting! (Well, the nice thundery ones anyway. Not so much hurricanes.)
  • Warm baths
  • No more melting and sweating!
  • The smell of rain on concrete or dirt.
  • Snuggling with your loved ones.
  • The FAIR!

I know I’m missing a ton. Feel free to add you own, and happy Autumn!



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