My Self-Publishing Adventure, Day 4

Yes, I said day four. Semantics. Be nice.


I have come to the conclusion that I live a charmed life. I thought about writing a whole blog post about it, but nobody wants to read about my good fortune. That’s boring, and for some, probably depressing. I’m not about depressing my readers.  So I’ll just say here that I have had a lot of work experience and four different kinds of college level schooling (I look GREAT on paper), and though I’ve wanted nothing more than to be a mother and a writer all my life, none of it was for writing, as I assumed I’d never be able to make a living as a writer. And yet every single thing I have learned as an adult up to this point is coming into play now as I kick off my writing career.

It’s strange. But then again, I DO believe in God. So there’s that. 😉

All that is to say that today my attention is on two things: editing (ain’t it always?) and making a book trailer.

I have a film degree. This should be a piece of cake.

Only I really suck at writing synopses. Like, bad. And a book trailer is exactly that, only with dancing words and music and the like. So we’ll see how this plays out. That said, I’m excited to get started.

… after a hundred pages of editing, of course.

Keyboard, meet face.

I need more coffee.


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