My Self-Publishing Adventure, Day 3… Kinda…

This Self-Publishing blog is brought to you by the letter P, as in “Professionalism”.

Case in point, I just spent hours writing to all the elementary school librarians and principals in District 81, Mead and Central Valley school districts to set up visits at the local schools. I’m wiped out. But librarians and literacy workers at public schools deserve personally-written, professional letters, not spam. So though it took a lot longer, I mailed them each separately. This is how you call yourself a professional: by working hard and paying attention to the details. No matter what your goals are.

Now, to the editing desk! Again! Because The Crows’ Nest will NOT be an amateur self-publication. Oh, no. It will be professional! Even a writer who self-publishes should present themselves, and their work, as professionally as possible. As a matter of fact I believe that you need to be more so as a self-published writer. After all, what you put out there will reflect you to the publishing world. If you can’t edit, hire an editor. If you don’t have the money, save it up. What we spend our  non-bill money on is all about what we prioritize. I’m very thankful that I can edit my own manuscript, but that is after years of writing, editing, critiquing, teaching and attending writers’ groups and conferences. Make sure your manuscript is professional, otherwise you will never be seen as one, yourself.

I hope this blog is coherent… I spent all my brainpower on those letters. Oi…

More to come…


One Response to “My Self-Publishing Adventure, Day 3… Kinda…”

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