Entering the Fray… Again

It’s August (as if you didn’t know), which means that a million children are bemoaning the imminent loss of Summer and a million parents are cheering the soon-to-be return of school.

Can you hear it? I can, even though my own little bemoaners are far, far away in a strange land called South Dakota at the moment.

In about three weeks my children will return to my fiance’ and I from their annual summer at Dad’s. Well, all except Emily who will be entering 8th grade, the year which their father has requested they spend with him in order to make an educated choice as to where they will live through high school. My eldest, Cisily, will be returning to me from that same 8th-grade-dad-time last year. She will be entering high school here in Spokane, having made her choice to attend the same school her father and I both did so long ago.

All that is to say I will have four of my five children home with me in less than a month. One will be entering high school, two will be in elementary school (5th and 2nd grades), and one will be going into her last year of preschool. Did I mention I’m also going to graduate school in October and have thrown my professional writing career into full gear this summer?

AND planning a wedding for June. A big wedding. With a theme.


But I look at everything I’ll be doing this coming year, and, once the dust from my head exploding settles, I realize one very important thing: it’s all good! I have five beautiful, healthy children, have been accepted into graduate school to study children’s literature which I adore beyond words, am a professional writer which for me as a child was akin to becoming a superstar, and am getting married to the man of my dreams in a big, family-and-friends-filled wedding extravaganza.

I am so very, very blessed.

So I decided to write this blog, so that when the poo hits the windmill (and it will, I’m sure, many times), I can read this and remind myself… it’s all good.

How is YOUR year looking? 😉


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