What Dreams May Inspire

The age-old question of where a writer’s ideas come from has eluded us for a very long time, and chances are it will continue to do so. After all, I am convinced that every writer was born to be a writer, so what we come up with to write about is as much a part of us as our breath, our memories or… our dreams.

What have YOU dreamed lately?

I have spoken to many different kinds of people about their dreams. It is an interesting subject to me because our dreams are the only place in this life when we can literally fly… or do just about anything else we ever wanted to do. Some people swear they don’t dream at all, though I’m inclined to think they simply don’t remember their dreams. Others only remember some of their dreams: usually the most vivid and interesting ones.  Still others, like me, have such vivid dreams that they almost feel like reality — almost every night.

Which are you?

Like the vast majority of my fellow writers I have no idea where most of  my ideas come from. I like to assume it’s just my brilliant creativity. 😉 Still, I do know that my dreams have had no small part in helping mold those ideas into whimsical worlds of my own making. For example, since I was in high school I have dreamed of a post-apocalyptic landscape wherein I live quite happily. Usually I’m fixing up an enormous old building for my family, picking out bedrooms for my kids and such. They’re somewhere… I don’t know where… but they’re alive and coming to live with me soon. I know that. And I’m not afraid either. I can fly, and the world is peaceful, if dark and overcast like a scene from Sin City. Often I’m exploring a part of the building that I haven’t seen before — a disheveled livingroom with antique Victorian furniture, a basement grotto with an old pub on the edge of an underground lake, an old movie theatre in a tower gable — these scenes are where my dreams take me.

This, my friends, was the birthplace of  “Guts and Glory”.

Of course, Nil isn’t quite as peaceful and happy as my dreams but it certainly has a lot in common with them, not the least of which is the scenery that has birthed more plots than I can possibly use within the entire series. The inclusion of my own personal dreams into my stories makes them both realistically otherworldly (no, that’s not an oxi-moron), and genuinely, completley… mine.

And so I ask again… what have you dreamed about lately? It’s quite possible that in your mind there resides a story that nobody else can or will ever… dream… of writing.

Find it. You’ll be amazed where it takes you.


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