Spiderwebs and Flatbed Trucks

Today I’m a little braindead, so instead of thinking of a brilliant blog post for the day I stared out my window with glazed eyes for twenty minutes, my hand clutching a can of Red Bull as if it were the only thing keeping me tethered to reality.

Then I told myself it doesn’t matter how braindead you are… a writer’s gotta write!

And so here I am, writing about what I see out my window: an overgrown, spiderwebby bush and a flatbed truck delivering lumber to my neighbor. This could become the most boring blog in history or…

Emil the spider lived in a bush on a peaceful suburban street. It was a nice home, with plenty of sunlight, dewdrops every morning, and all the juicy aphids he could eat. There was only one problem: he couldn’t see the street from his cozy home because most of the bush blocked his view.  Normally this wouldn’t bother any self-respecting spider who knows how to keep his business to himself. But Emil wasn’t just any old spider, and as each day passed he wondered more and more just what was making those strange noises from the other side of his bush.

Then one day he heard the loudest noise he had ever heard.


He jumped so high he almost fell off his web! What was that? He had to know or it would drive him crazy.

So he set off on a daring adventure across his bush to find out.

… Aaaaand… that’s all I have for now. This started out as a short story, but being the novelist I am I got about a million ideas for Emil’s adventure as I was writing those few short paragraphs, so this won’t be short after all… of course.  I’ll finish the story if you want to read more, but only if I’m asked to. Just let me know! 🙂


3 Responses to “Spiderwebs and Flatbed Trucks”

  1. I was sitting on the toilet in the bathroom once back when I still lived in Houston and there was this cockroach mozeying along by a cabinet and I watched it and started to think about what it would be like to be a roach and live in an apartment and constantly be having humans trying to squish me. Cause we were always squishing those damn roaches. And I started writing this whole epic story about this “clan” of cockroaches who had enough of being squished so they were staging a revolution against the humans. I didn’t get very far, but sometimes I still think about it and where I’ll take it if it ever gets finished. Your story about Emil the spider reminded me of that. I love that I’m not the only person who gets inspiration from odd or random places. 🙂

    • You wouldn’t believe the odd places I get inspiration from! I do have to say I never thought of personifying a cockroach before. Giantizing them, yes, personifying them… no. LOL

  2. […] write something a little different.  Looking out the window this morning I don’t see any spiderwebs or flatbed trucks, but the sun isn’t shining and it’s windy. That tells me something that makes me all […]

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